Friday, September 16, 2011

Editing and Research Assistance for South Asianists

Re-posted from H-ASIA:

From: Maggie Ronkin

Dear H-Asia Colleagues and Friends,

I am a South Asianist, chiefly a Pakistanist, who is starting a client-centered communications consultancy in Washington, DC. Over more than two decades, I have acquired academic training and expertise to handle a range of assignments focusing on non-Western topics and requiring skills pertinent to the qualitative social sciences and humanities. I welcome your work involving research; editing and proofreading of papers, proposals, and publications; production and promotion of events, and special assignments. I can Skype and travel. I co-edited three volumes in applied sociolinguistics for a major U.S. university press and Mouton de Gruyter and co-organized two international conferences. More recently, I edited for Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard University authors in anthropology, literature, and women’sstudies; produced a proposal for a U.S.-South Asian educational partnership; launched a U.S.-South Asian videoconferencing initiative in development studies, and freelanced other assignments. On my 2011 visit to South Asia, I completed exploratory research on constructions of African-Pakistani identities and delivered a lecture series in applied sociolinguistics.

For an appointment to discuss your project, please email me at

Maggie Ronkin
Washington, D.C.