Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Delhi Archives

If you're working on the NCR, the material you need may not be in the National Archives of India, it may be held in the Delhi Archives near JNU. I don't have any experience with this archive, but I wish I did, because the description of its holdings makes it sound great:

"This Department is in possession of rich and unique collections of original records, maps and microfilms relating to events took place in 1785 onwards. However, regular records series starts from 1857. These records are in English, Arabic, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit, Urdu etc., Apart from records on paper, we also have records on palm leaf, birch bark, parchment etc. The records are broadly of three categories: Public Records, Manuscripts and Private Papers.These records throw light on the activities of the later Mughals, first war of Indian Independence, administration of Delhi before and after transfer of capital, role of Delhi in freedom struggle. They also shed valuable light on our social, political, economic and cultural life. In addition, there is a rich collection of Private Papers and microfilm rolls of records acquired from different archival institutions."

Contact Information:
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
Department of Delhi Archives
18-A, SatsangVihar Marg, Spl. Institutional Area (Near Eastern Gate of JNU)
New Delhi-110067
Phone-26512594, 26962800, 26535611
Fax: 26515993